Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Am I allowed to use your music in my youtube videos?

A : Yes, you are. You are allowed to use all of my music i list in the archive - in your youtube videos, streams, blogs & short films - as long as you give proper credit and link back to my stuff as follows :

  • ...and ultimately the name of the song you used! :) That's it, that's all!


Q : I want the best quality available, is there a way to download the music in WAV or FLAC format?

A : Indeed, there is. You can download every file in whatever format you like at my bandcamp   

 Currently, that's the only way to get your hands on the WAV files.

Please consider a little donation (name your price).


Q : Why should I support RoughNX on PATREON?

A : Supporters of my patreon are receiving a link to my personal dropbox, which means full access to all of my works as RoughNX immediately. Get your hands on new tracks, as soon as they are finished.

Your access is valid for as long as you are a patron of RoughNX.



Q : Do you work on commission, too?

A : Yes, I work on commission and i am always open for new projects & challenges.

            If you want to work with me, just use the contact section of this homepage!


Q : I need a full original score for a movie/game. Can we work together?

A : Of course! Totally excited about something like that. Please go to the contact section

and shoot me a message!


Q : I want to use your music in a TV production! May I?

A : Basically, yes. But please get in contact if you want to use my music on a professional level (outside the internet) - so that I can assure I am credited for the original work.


Q : Someone claimed copyright on my video on youtube, when I was using your music. Why's that?!

A :  This shouldn't happen.


I am the original composer of ALL of the music you'll find in the RoughNX archive and I allow you to use it - Therefore you have every right to use it & monetize your content.


Q : I have a promotional channel on youtube and want to use your music as content. May I?

A : Yes you may, as long as you're giving proper credit. In this special case I'd like to know, which tracks you featured, just for my personal interest! ;)