The fascinating thing about Dark Ambient music is, that it is happening, everywhere and to every time, if we just allow ourselves one moment of calmness. It is probably the most organic genre in modern music because it doesn't follow any schemes like bars, beats or rhythms. Things that are empowering almost any other genre to evolve, in dark ambient, they simply doesn't count. Fluent soundspheres mixed with field recordings, manipulated in a special way to lead into the highs & lows (sound levels, not emotions) - whatever the composer can imagine and want to create. Even the process itself, the creation, feels quiet different, as it is more of an intuitive & emotional journey with the intent to tell a story that is individually perceived while the mood of the music is always be considered groomy and grave.


The music is slow and allows it's listener to lean back and go deep inside themselves to calm down, while sometimes making it hard to say, if it's even allowed to call it 'music' anymore as it differes from the term quiet a lot, according to whether your own definition of the word, differs from the one, others may give it.

But as much warmth and comfort some might feel while listening to the sound of dark places, natural environments & instruments played in a way, a lot of people have never witnessed so far -

to some these sounds might also make them feel unconfortable & sound almost threatening.

I guess that's just the nature of the thing - a genre cannot be loved by everyone and our perception is just as different as the emotions we want to indulge ourselves in while listening to music.

Pure ambient music has got much more of an uplifting kind of vibe & dark ambient seems often like the opposite, like yin & Yang, But they both got in common that they obtain a calmness deep within you, if you just let it happen - which means light in the dark & dark in the light.

Captain Obvious might say, that darkness can only be perceived through light.

This calmness & isolation is also an effect many people might only feel, when they consume respective drugs and i find it fascinating, that music actually can bring you there as well - it's just a different sphere.


I know we all have 'one of those days' from time to time, some more often than others.

Those days might make you reconsider your life in a way that isn't always positive & life-affirming, because  your sorrow weighs so much &  your desires seem so heavy.

'Sometimes you want to put a gun to your head
Sometimes you want to pull the trigger, now you're dead
Sometimes we cry ourselves to sleep
Sometimes you find yourself all alone

Nightmares become real inside my head, I dream of my death

My life has fallen apart so many times I lost count
So many people I knew, now they are all lost
One thing is guaranteed you always die alone'


A Pale Horse Named Death - Die Alone


The excerpt above is from the song 'Die Alone' from the band 'A Pale Horse Named Dead' and hast nothing to do with dark ambient... at all. But being more of a dark rock song, these lyrics describe the same feelings driving you into Dark Ambient as well. It's about a dark place, you're all alone, but you have it for yourself - abandoned yet whole - being yours only. It's about finding a resort, where you can calm down and gather your thoughts to put yourself back together while resting or just to stay for a little while before throwing yourself back into reality. And you know the best thing about it all? It makes you feel, like everything is okay while your totally isolated from your environment. The mind just takes over - the same effect good music of any genre has on you.


So here's the thing, Dark Ambient is not a genre that makes you want to dance, play airguitar, headbang or to move at all. It's more like a medicine from today's hectic and stressful world where we almost lost our natural relation to nature itself as dark ambient is nothing more but a reflection of the world we can observe if we're just open enough to receive it and if you're thinking that this celebrated darkness might be something negative, you just didn't listen closely enough, because there's nothing negative about any form of art.


I still remember the first time i discovered  the genres of Ambient & Dark Ambient music because i fell in love right away as I have never heard a genre before, that makes it possible to create whole books written by your own experiences & imagination inside your head. It's like a journey you're going on when you find yourself within these genres (dark ambient especially) & start dreaming - no matter if it is as a producer or a listener! It's just like a great background music for everything and it's postapocalyptic & dystopian feeling has always made me feel comfort & calmness - even though i'm going to admit, that this might not be the same experience for everyone.



With Dark Essence I am releasing my first 'kind of' dark ambient mix.

'Kind Of', because only half the mix is pure dark ambient music.

The other half is something else, but i felt, like it was matching.



Throughout the whole time since i started RoughNX, I always felt the urge to create a Dark Ambient project.

At first it was nothing more than an idea - to probably create an album full of Dark Ambient music, or at least some songs. But then i really sneaked into the world of Dark Ambient when I created my first track  'Vision' within this genre, back in 2015. In the same session i also produced a track called 'Mining Core'.

I realized that there was  a whole lot more to discover about Dark Ambient than just dark soundscapes, mixed with field recordings & altered with sound manipulation. I realized that you almost can include every instrument there is, in Dark Ambient, played in a manner that's not quiet common, which made it even more fascinating. Anyway, a year passed by when I turned my back on the genre when it suddenly came up in my mind again and I created the album 'Exitus' with three or four tracks, that got me right back into dark ambient in an instant.

The idea of Dark Essence was born!


I have to confess, that I am not satisfied. I am probably never satisfied when it comes to music and i never hesitate to remark that fact but after releasing Dark Essence, the urge of creating an album, focused on Dark Ambient tracks ONLY, returned to me and is now more present than ever before. Don't see this as an announcement yet, as things need time.But the idea has been stuck in my head for such a long time now, that I probably will come back at it, sooner than later.





If you'd like to use any of the tracks you find here, just have a look at the FAQ first.


All of the following songs are available as free downloads in the Archive!





The journey starts. Dark Essence Takes the discovery of an abandoned cave as a starting point for your mind, to create the story yourself from here.



Mining Core


Mining Core is actually the second Dark Ambient track I have ever produced and I still enjoy it's atmosphere to this day. To me, this tracks describes the pure essence of Dark Ambient, as it is calm, atmospheric, yet dark & creepy.

Leave humanity behind

Leave Humanity Behind is taken from the album 'Catharsis'. Like this mix, only half of the original track matches the definition of Dark Ambient, which is why I only took that part from the track.


Visions In The Dark

Probably my favorite track from 'Dark Essence' as it delivers a special kind of magic - dark & fantastic.

Into the night

Dark Essence as pure as it gets. This one is really dark owed to the bed of dramatic crescendo violins.

Spirit Cave

Flashback. This one goes back in time, where native american spiritualism dwells.



Turning point - from now on 'Dark Essence' isn't just about Dark Ambient anymore. This one feels like a very slowly played post rock piece.


The Battle Is Over

Dramatic & calm. It paints the picture of a dystopian end-time vision.





Purity is an overture played on the piano and taken from the album 'Catharsis'.




Broken Wings


Let Go

Outro from 'catharsis'. I mixed it with Harbinger, the intro from another album of mine. It created a sound that didn't feel right and then felt right, at the same time.



Harbinger was layered upon Broken Wings and created a whole new atmospheric hybrid between these two pieces.




Once again a track I had to cut a little bit, to match the atmosphere of 'Dark Essence' - as the original track turns into an epic orchestration and I didn't want to feature that part in this mix, it would have been far too loud to be honest.


Taken from the 'Bonus Tracks' of 'Catharsis' - remixed with 'Leave Humanity Behind'.

Enjoyed the fusion.


Dark creepy melodic 'kind of' (ther it is again...) outro that originally was the intro to 'Catharsis'.


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