Humankind became an endangered species...



log 01 - HARVEST Mission


After the fall of earth, the last survivors of the human race left their planet which has become nothing more but a wasteland, destroyed by the last great war.

Those who were left behind on the tarnishing surface were exposed to a level of radiation, that caused outrageous mutations & almost destroyed every living being on this once called 'blue Planet'.


The harvest carrier was the last ship leaving earth.

Now floating through space, shifting through rifts - shelterless & abandoned.


The Harvest mission was brought to life to find a new home for humankind to settle.

While most of the survivors were lodged in great freighters, to stay in this universe for awhile, the crew on this ship only consisted of a few volunteers that were ready to leave everything behind and explore other galaxies that might give them a last resort to inherit.


Between the endless vastnesses, the harvest mission succeeded in approaching other species & communicate.

The first carriers were sent to different planets, to  start the settlement among the natural inhabitants -

some far more evolved than humankind ever was & some, nothing more than badlands - yet they all allowed humand life to exist. At least for now...




The crew of the Harvest spaceship volunteered once more, to continue their search for new worlds.








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1. The Battle Is Over

The first track I created for 'Harvest'. 'The Battle Is Over feels like the calm mood after the storm. Mostly worked with orchestration & synths for pads on this one, as well as epic drums & a piano.



2. The End Of The Line

The second track of 'Harvest' is a mixture between dark epic orchestration, soft piano & colossal drums among screaming guitars & synths.



3. Let Go

The first three minutes of this track are calm and charming - joy- &hopeful, like it's okay to 'let go'. Then the orchestration & drums are setting in  & leading straight into a grand passionate finale. The piano was a main part in the process of creating this track. 


4. I Am So Tired...


I am so tired... Simple, atmospheric, emotive & dirty. Sounds like a jam session from a prog rock or post rock band. Calm... yet is has so much to say...


5. The World Is Not Enough

Remix of a song i created back in 2014. In the process of creating this one, it turned out to be a lot more than a remix. Sounds like an Epic & heroic orchestral hybrid.


6. Leaving Earth


Leaving Earth is an epic hybrid between synth music & orchestral music.





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