The Road


This blog post will be a lot different than everything i blogged so far as this is about my personal journey of becoming a producer & composer.

I can tell you right at the start that it has been a long road so far.


It all started when i was a child always listening to recorded tapes of rock & metal bands in the early 90's.

Don't know exactly where that passion came from but as soon as i heard bands like 'The Doors', 'Deep Purple' or 'Rammstein', I fell in love with their different styles of music completely.

Since being a fan of movies as well, it was already determined i would become interested in cinematic composing, too. But that must have been later I guess, as I didn't even play an instrument yet.


At the age of 15, I was fortunate enough to get my hands  on my greatest love at that time, which were the drums.

I can tell you when I got my first drumkit, I must have been the happiest teenager on this planet - at least i felt like it. Exploring all kinds of brutal metal music back then, i spent probably five years playing three hours a day, almost seven days a week.

I was so obsessed with getting better and better - and it was so much fun, I can tell you.

For the first time in my life, I really enjoyed learning something.

Beside playing the drums I tried to play the piano & the guitar, but my obsession clearly belonged to the drums back then.


When I turned 20, it suddenly stopped.


I was playing in a band called 'Converted Priest' at that time and it was a great experience to learn so much about music and what it means to be part of a band - lessons not just for music, but for life.

The sad thing about it was, that we all had our dayjobs as well and some just didn't feel the same passion for our music, which was the reason why most band practices ended up with just half a band.

We were basically two members giving it all, working our asses of and two sometimes three people who just worked on it occasionally. So we decided to stop this project, even though we had a great time all together,

a lot of fun & some awesome songs as well.

It just did never work out completely as there was never a solid line up that wanted to create something bigger.


At that time, I felt a sudden stop of my passion for the drums as i thought it wouldn't lead me anywhere.

I sold my drumkit and ordered a midi-keyboard & some audio software.


Now I was on my own, for the first time ever, without any knowledge of producing or composing or anything at all but my wish to be able to produce the music i'd like to produce, all alone, not depending on band members or anything like that.


Step by step i started to learn, what it means to produce music.

At first, this whole world of producing was totally overwhelming as there were simply so many ways to start - the possibilities just seemed too much.

So you go for it but you don't even know where you're heading.

You sit there in front of your PC and instead of just using your body and an instrument to create sounds, you have to think before doing anything at all. You have to do research, reading, learning.

Finally, you're plugging in your midi controller to at least have a little bit of feeling and then you start your DAW and take your first steps... baby steps.


I stumbled across an old hard drive disc i found in my room lately and explored all of the stuff i created in the first year of producing music. It was awful. I really mean it. Awful.

I almost feel ashamed for some of the stuff I created back then - but these were my first tries at producing, so it's almost like a class photo of your teenage years: Somehow you feel ashamed and bad for who you were but somehow you feel proud for what you've achieved or become since then.


In my teenage years i opened up to almost every genre of music there is, which lead me to experimenting with a combination of orchestral music and electronic dance music. Somehow I thought this might be cool.

Later on I wanted to get back to the roots as well and tried to add elements of metal music.

Anyway, it wasn't until my second full length LP that I thought about turning 'RoughNX' into something special...


After releasing two EPs & two full-length LPs, I came to a crossroads and i decided that i wanted to split up.

I started working on another music project while turning RoughNX into some kind of archive for all of you content creators out there. No genres & everything is allowed. I wanted to create scores to movies that were built in my imagination. And i decided to create this kind of music for you... for free!

Back in the day i felt like there was no free music you could use for your youtube videos, homepages, streaming-services or podcasts. At the same time youtube became the next big thing and I just thought it might be cool for some content creators having an archive for music they could use. Music that comes for free, without copyright claims or the need of buying licenses for every single video you put out there.

I just thought about myself as i was often in need for some free music with a dark cinemtaic touch instead of pure electronic music or uplifting orchestral stuff. I needed something else... and now I simply produce something else and offer you most of my music for free, so that you won't have the same issues with copyright claims or anything like that I had back at that time.

The Archive

After the decision of turning project RoughNX into an archive for royalty & copyright free stock audio & cinematic music, I created two more full-length LPs called 'Catharsis' & 'Exitus'.

These LPs seemed like a turning point as well, as the music was turning more and more into a cinematic soundtrack based on a story in a dark science fiction or fantasy scenario.

I developed more skills, evolved my music and started to create music in other ways than i was used to.

I might not have achieved the top-notch production level i know i'm able to reach, but for now i am at least satisfied with the result of these two LPs. But in the end, you're always aiming for perfection and never reach it, that's my idea of it - it's not really some kind of satisfaction, it seems more like the acceptance for where i currently stand.


At the moment the RoughNX Archive offers you a catalogue of around 80 songs and growing.

The Road Ahead...

I realized that my everlasting love & passion for music might grow forever, just as the process of becoming a better musician goes. It's like a never ending lesson, like life itself. Everytime you think you're finally there, you take a step back and start to realize that you have not even begun yet - you start to see a bigger pciture.

I have no idea where this road will lead me but i've made my peace with just going it down until the end.

It's always a pleasure publishing music, just knowing someone out there likes what you're doing - that gives it purpose and that makes it worth it.

The bigger picture

While most of the music released via RoughNX is basically free,

working with RoughNX for a full length project - like scoring a movie or a game -

is also possible. Therefore just use the contact section of this homepage.


I'm always open.


The next level for RoughNX is to create professional & unique soundtracks for other productions as well.

While independent game designers already made use of the RoughNX archive,

creating peerless soundtracks that are built for only one single moment is the bigger picture.


So don't ever hesitate to contact me.


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