In 2014 i quit every band and project i've been working on so far. I sold my drumkit - which was probably that one thing on earth i loved the most... oh you have no idea how much i loved my drums - and bought myself a midi keyboard & some audio software.


Why the hell did I do this?

First of all - because i forced myself to do it.

I knew in order to evolve as a musician i had to go on -

and being broke, there was only one thing i could do to achieve my goal immediately.

Selling my beloved drums.

Now... was that drastic idea wrong?

Maybe... there's not one day since then, i didn't miss the feeling of sitting behind that instrument.

When I am listening to music, I just want to drum, doesn't matter what genre it is.

Furthermore i didn't even achieve any goal i set for myself at all until this day.



I was now able to produce music of whatever kind of genre i wanted to produce.

there were no more band practices where half of the band didn't show up, because they were either drinking or doing drugs. I never got that anyway because to me music was always the only drug i'd consume on a daily.

Nowadays i do bodybuilding on top of that, but music felt like the essence of my whole being since my early childhood. It defines me and i am totally addicted. If i wouldn't have sold my drums, I would have never been able to produce the music i produce today. Yeah, i might be still broke and i don't have drums anymore - but i evolved.

I am going to do a blog post about my whole 'history' as a musician, but for now I guess it's more than enough to give you a little insight information what lead into 'Inner War'.



So long story short - In 2014 I found myself with a midi keyboard and some software in front of my computer not even knowing where to plug in the cables, how to route the midi controller, how to work with the software.

I taught myself. I taught myself in so many hours, I don't even want to think about these countless hours because I know a lot more will come.

The 'INNER WAR EP' was my first work I published as 'RoughNX'.

Seven instrumental tracks.

I tried to create a crossover between orchestral & electronic music after years of just playing metal & Deathcore. These were my first steps in producing, so I have to admit that it kind of hurts me to hear these songs again. It's just not what i am doing anymore, but still... some songs are still listened by you on youtube which is exactly the reason I am writing this blog post for my first EP 'Inner War' despite the fact of treating this work like an unwanted child (not that i know how to treat this anyway).



Genres : Instrumental, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Orchestral, Soundtrack



A royalty free cinematic soundtrack

1. Triage

Triage was one of these songs I created just because there was a melody stuck in my head and i couldn't remember where it came from. That was the case right here. Later i realized it was a melody from half life.


2. The Fall Of Titans

I guess I just tried to create an epic orchestral song and combining it with elements of electronic dance & rock music.





3. Fall Of Liberty

Once again I tried to combine symphonic instruments with synths and some rock elements.






4. Fight Music

My intention must have been to create a song that could have been the background music for a chase scene in an action film... or at least in a trailer.




5. Another Life

A song I've created on a track called 'We will meet again, in another life.' which i have released some month before this EP.

This one combines the orchestral music of the original with a lot of electronic elements.


6. Forerunners

One more song that really defines the tone of this EP is Forerunners.

An epic orchestration combined with elements of electronic music.

I really liked experimenting back then... okay... do it still.



7. Crystal Lake

Works as an outro on this EP. Was intended to be an overture. Ended up being the outro though.

I actually do enjoy the melody still, but the electronic elements doesn't seem right to me anymore.



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