Trapped In A Dream


In 2015 I created numerous songs without any idea of making an album at all.



The idea of creating a full-length LP came to me, when I thought about the way of publishing these tracks.

Back then, my only way of publishing was via youtube and soundcloud

and I may be a little bit oldschool,

but I still like the idea of LPs

as a way of creating a piece of art with a beginning and an ending.



For my intention of a royalty-free music archive - which is RoughNX today - I decided to re-create 'TRAPPED IN A DREAM' 

and I added some songs I wanted to be featured on this record as well.

in 2016 I finally released the 'Deluxe Edition' for all of you content-creators out there.



I have to admit, that I am not really in love with all the tracks I did back then,

because  my latest releases seem to be a lot evolved.

But I guess a few releases on top of these and I'm going to say the same again,

as evolving is always part of the process of making music (and living... how poetic...).


That being said there are some songs I still like to this day.



Enjoy this, download the songs you like for free and think about checking out my newer releases as well, as they are a lot more useful for cinematic productions.



RoughNX offers you most of his music royalty-free & without copyright, which actually means, you're free to use this music, even for commercial purposes - as long as you're giving proper credit and link back to RoughNX as follows :


  • ...and ultimately the name of the song you used! That's it, that's all! :)

1. Harbinger

Harbinger works as a dark atmospheric intro or overture - mixed with field recordings. The mood is unpleasant.



2. Limbo

Limbo is a dark atmospheric mystic electronic track featuring a harp and some elements of slow dubstep.



3. The Chaser

Fast atmospheric uplifting and passionate dubstep song featuring violins and drums.




4. Running Out Of Time

Orchestral electronic mixture with a sad vibe and a kind of edm or dubstep chorus.




5. Spirits Of The Future

Sometimes I wonder what I created back in the day.

Once again an orchestral electronic mixture - sounds like  background music of a sci-fi movie.


6. Trapped In A Dream

I'm in love with the piano melody to this day.

An orchestral electronic sad & epic track. Calm.



7. Wake Up

One of my favorite tracks back then. Created it together with my sister who  wanted to make an epic dark electronic song.

Mission accomplished!


8. Eternal Soul

Slow & sad electronic song, yet adrift. One of my less favorite songs of this LP - at least from my perspective today.



9. Cloudrunner

Epic uplifting cinematic heroic track that I still like to this day. Could have been featured on my newer LPs, too.



10. Left Behind

Sad, dramatic yet hopeful song that starts calm and turns into something between rock & electronica with the chorus. But I really really love the first minute of this song.



11. One Last Stand

One of my all-time favorites. Slow & dark atmospheric hopeless chillstep ambient track.

Could have imagined this track in 'Blade Runner' or 'Ghost In The Shell'.



12. All Shall Fall

Pretty sure this one is the darkest & saddest track on this album. Lead by strings. Calm. Slow. Hopeless. Dramatic.





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