CATHARSIS - A dystopian vision of the end of the world.


At the beginning of 2016

I started the work on my third full-length LP  'Catharsis'.

Catharsis was meant as a dark soundtrack fueled by the hopelessness of a dying world.


A dystopian joyride between seek & hide.


'Catharsis' was the first time, I included a real guitar and came back to my own origin : The drums.

They're not the main part of the album, but at least in three songs I used guitars & drums to lead the whole track.

One of the main parts as well was the piano which I used to create almost every melody right at the beginning.

I used a lot of synths and symphonic strings as well - as I am a huge lover of electronic music & orchestration.

And once again I worked with sound manipulation and field recordings to create atmospheric soundscapes.


 Catharsis was also the first album i created with the goal to offer you a completely royalty & copyright free cinematic soundtrack you can use in your productions as stock audio, background music or just enjoy it for free.

My intent was to create a vivid vision of an end time scenario.


RoughNX offers you royalty free stock audio &  music without copyright, which actually means, you're free to use this music & sounds & soundtracks, even for commercial purposes - as long as you're giving proper credit and link back to RoughNX as follows :


  • ...and ultimately the name of the song you used! That's it, that's all! :)

1. Orphanage

The intro to catharsis already reveals where the journey is going. The sound remembers of a dream - even more a nightmare. Dark & hopeless but yet fantastic & mystic.




2. Shelter

Shelter is an atmospheric electronic track that sounds playful, dramatic & mystic. One of the few tracks on 'Catharsis' that has kind of a dance vibe.




3. Seeker Of Fate

One of the three tracks on the album, that includes a lot of guitars & drums, as well as synths. This track almost sounds pretty uplifting, which is rare on 'Catharsis'.



4. Apotheosis

Dark, dramatic, fantastic. Lead by staccato violins with a heavy bass in the chorus.






5. Purity

Purity is kind of a overture, mainly played on the piano. A dream within the storyline giving a short mystic break.





6. Lost Along The Way

Lost ALong The Way brings you right back into the story.  Once again, drums & guitars play a huge role in this one while producing a chase theme.



7. Thegosis

Dark, dramatic, horrific & thrilling. The sound of this song is based on symphonic instruments, played in a way, that isn't quiet... well... let's say 'usual'.




8. If I could sleep forever...

Probably my most favorite song of the album because the drum part was so much fun. Hopeful, chilling - the title already gives an idea of what this is. Lead by an epic & joyful orchestration.


9. ...I'd stay in wonderland.

An overture that serves as a soft awakening, like a dream within a dream, right before reality kicks back in...




10. Leave Humanity Behind

Unconcerned back into the world 'Catharsis' is portraying. It begins pretty calm & chilling and leads into a chant.



11. Onyx

Onyx was one of the first songs I started to create for 'Catharsis' and it was one of the last I finished. Dark, mystic, fantastic with a lot of guitars & drums.



12. Broken Wings

Broken Wings is a short Outro to 'Catharsis' - a dreamy piano melody with soft violins.

It is followed by three bonus tracks.



13. Hades

A re-mastered and re-newed version of 'Hades', a song I published some months before I started working on Catharsis.

Dark, epic, mystic - this song got it all.






14. The Destroyer Of Worlds

Just like the original version of 'Hades' this song was released earlier than 'Catharsis'. Re-mastered & re-newed bonus track!

Dark, epic, mystic. Sounds like it was constructed in the same session as 'Hades' was.



15. We will meet again, in another life.

'We will meet again, in another life.'

was one of the first tracks I have ever created. I  released some different versions of this song already, I included the original cut as a bonus track on 'Catharsis'.

An epic cinematic piece of music - fantastic & dramatic.


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