Right at the end of 2016

I finished the work on my fourth full-length LP 'Exitus',

which is at the same time my sixth release with project RoughNX overall and it's

once again a lot different then the last release I put out, which was'Catharsis' (earlier in 2016).


The tone of the album is dark, yet a lot more joy - & hopeful then 'Catharsis' was.

A lot of dark ambient & drone music just as field-recordings marked the beginning of 'Exitus'.

I did a lot of the work on this album on the piano, probably the most I've ever done so far. Of course I added orchestration - because I really love symphonic instruments - and electronic soundspheres,

to make the sound even more mystic & adding a fantastic feeling. 

I needed to include a real drumkit at least in one song, which was Asleep.


'EXITUS' probably took the most effort I ever invested in creating a royalty Free cinematic soundtrack so far.

Producing this as ' no copyright music ' is somehow hard - as you're investing so much money, emotion & time in it.

And it's not just about creating sounds & music but a state of mind, a world the listener can develope by his thoughts while listening to the music.

My hope is that some might appreciate the hard work & in the end i always keep in mind that this music might dwell on this earth for a little bit longer than i will.


Genres : Instrumental, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Orchestral, Soundtrack



1. Aurora

More of an uplifting kind of song, mainly played on the piano with only little bit of violin,  an epic dreamy soundsphere I created as well as massive drums to add some power.




2. Visions In The Dark

A dark atmospheric track heading more into the direction of Dark Ambient & Drone Music. Mystic, Dark, Fantastic. Calm.





3. Earth Realm

More of an epic kind of track with lots of violins & drums, emotive, dark, sad - yet quiet mystic & fantastic.






4. Spirit Cave

An atmospheric track just sounding like it's right cut out from the soundtrack of a movie scene or a rendered game scene. Calm, dark, spiritual.

(ATTENTION : To keep this track royalty-free, the download version doesn't include the spoken words right at the beginning.)



5. Asleep

A track to dream to. Pretty calm & slow with an ambient vibe & the drums building up on a foundation of piano & guitar.







6. Talisman

Talisman is a mystic, dark & fantastic piece of soundtrack, mainly based on colossal drums & calm violin & flute parts assisted by some guitar work as well as a brass section.




7. After The Fall

Once again, more of an uplifting kind of track, based on a piano piece I wrote, assisted by violins, soundspheres and finally an orchestration which main character might be the brass section.




8. Nyssa

Probably the most versatile track on 'Exitus'. Based on a piano in a bed of violins & assisted by heavy industrial drums.

Dark, atmospheric - yet quiet & hopeful.

One of the louder tracks of this album.



9. Into The Night

A slow dark ambient track evolving into an atmospheric track lead by violins & a heartbeat.








Royalty free no copyright music & sounds by RoughNX

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  • https://www.facebook.com/roughnxmusic
  • ...and ultimately the name of the song you used! That's it, that's all! :)



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